Saturday, August 19, 2006

The Common Loon...

Friday night was nice enough I suppose. Shul was very lively and I said hi to lots of people and got ditched by the tall ones for Baldie (as usual.) After the meal Freddie, Libby (our guest) and Little Brother walked out to Aviv. It would've been nice except for the fact that nobody was actually there. So Little Brother went to Yael's house and when Freddie went in to drag him out I was left in the street entertaining Libby and Dan. *Sigh* At least I amused myself. Back at Home I shmoozed with Mommy and then after unbolting the door for Brenda, I went to sleep.

Woke up on time (enough) for Shul. After shul the meal was novel, we excavated through the chumus and ate pineapple kugel. Then we went upstairs to sleep. 'Sleeping Beauty' joined us a few moments later, so we pulled out the third bed and went to sleep. Well, sort of. Then there was an interesting game of Apples to Apples followed by sleep time #2. Eventually we got hungry and tired of sitting around, so we went downstairs to find some food and entertainment.

I finally got my game of Rummikub. And do you know what happened???

Little Brother kicked my @$$!!! (Happy now? *Sigh* I'm wearing my losing face now. I feel so awful. Before the game I felt so excited, I thought I would win for sure. During the game I really wanted to win. After the game - I was sooooooo sad.) :P

Shabbos was over before the end of the second game (which I didn't win either.)

Then I got to show off adorable pictures of the Dibble and of my scrumptious nephew!!!

The tall ones invited me to join them on a trip into Jerusalem. I declined the offer. We're gonna watch a movie instead.

A new week is here. I wonder what it holds in store for me...


debsy said...

I'm sorry u lost!!! U can play me if you want - u'll almost definately win!!

tevie said...

hehe! now its 45-1 :P