Thursday, August 17, 2006

Don't Give Me the Map...

Met up with Mommy and Eli in town. We headed to our favorite place for breakfast. Vanilla milkshakes are so yummy.

Work was a pain. We had to rebuild the whole newpaper file, cause it was in the wrong order. Then I had to file all the newspapers while doing a whole bunch of other things. Somehow running around barefoot made me feel just a little better. All I can say is, poor UPS guy, we're awful to him.

At TM I saw the Woof. She's not having a good time at her Sheirut semanarion. :( But, luckily I had my phone and she got her shichrur for shabbos.

What can I say about tonight? Well, it was quiet, cause the boys all went swimming. So, I decided to put my newly-learned skills to use and teach Sammy how to play canasta.

Cards hate me, but with a little bit of help I'm learning strategy.

Slowly. Right?

And the truth of the matter is, I would like to visit Alaska. You know, the state. :)

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