Thursday, August 10, 2006

Fixative Superlative...

Well, Freddie - though delayed - neglected to wake me up to go up to Jerusalem. I (of course) was uninterested in traveling by bus so decided to spend (yet another) day at Home. First Mommy and I washed the mirpeset. Then the Dibble showed up, so we washed him too.While the Dibble amused himself, I tended to the Tie-Dyed articles from yesterday's adventure. Sadly, upon touching the garments I realized that the 'dye-makers' had not followed the instructions. No fixative had been added to the dyes and so as the fabric dried, the powder dried as well and started to float away in the breeze. I decided to see how bad the situation actually was by attempting a 'wash' - suffice it to say, pastels are pretty - but I kind of liked the bold colors of yesterday...Obviously I had to do something stupid in the course of this 'fix-it' project. The mistake turned out to be amusing for the sake of comparison. I simply missed one sock. I somehow neglected it all the way at the bottom of the laundry basket. But now you can see the difference in colors. (Sorry Freddie - it's one of yours...) I relaxed in my favorite spot and enjoyed the quiet, the smell of the herbs and the sunshine.

We made thin chewy chocolate chip cookies (for the ice cream sandwiches.) We made a delicious smelling apple pie for Shabbos. We made some yummy tomato sauce concoction for dinner. And had fun in the kitchen. As usual.

Highlight of my day - My friend Cheli Beli from ALLLLL the way in Australia called me and to make it even more exciting, Becca was there too! I miss you soooo much Becca!!!

If anything else amusing happens tonight I'll let you know, but it looks like it's going to be a boring and quiet sort of night. It's my last REAL night of freedom, boredom and vacation.


p.s. - Debs, a reminder - send out Parsha Sheet. :) See? I remembered! Teeheehee...

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debsy said...

Lorers!!!! ur hysterical!!!! done it already but thanks for the reminder!!! that was a novel way of getting my attention!!!