Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Hurk? What is Hurk?

Nothing much to report. Ran into some Miskins on the way to work. They are soooo adorable!!! And Rebecca came in today for a quick week long visit - cause rugby is starting again soon.

Filing wouldn't be so bad if I could do it straight through and listen to my own music blasting without the annoying interruptions of phones ringing and dictations and e-mails and fax-jams etc.

On the way back to the ranch I stopped off to pick up stuff for a rosh chodesh outing. Then Malia and I went out to Gan Sakher for a picnic under the stars.

Nootch and I e-card sparred and then I spread the word around.

All in all - quite an entertaining evening.

Anybody interested in a full-time position as an executive assistant/secretary/pa? There are a coupla' openings at my office. Basic necessary qualities that any applicant must posess: ability to block out noise, tolerance for screaming, high level of 'smile and nod'ability, patience to perform ridiculous tasks - multiple times. Should be able to type in Hebrew and English and should be at least bi-lingual (Hebrew and English.)

What else?

Oh yes - must be willing to work for peanuts. :P

What is paying rent?

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what part of "snap out of it" don't you understand?!?!?!