Wednesday, August 16, 2006

"It's still alive, let's feed it!" -Shui

Woke up earlier than I wanted to. Did the chores that Shosh isn't here to do.

Work was work was work was work. At least I basically made it through the 'to-do' pile today.

Happy news for today, Little Brother is going to become a medic! They're sending him to study and become a medic! We're so proud of and excited for you!!! Even better, guess, who is going to be in Bet Shemesh for Shabbos?! You got it - Little Brother! YAY! (So... Are we going to play rummikub?)

I left work 15 minutes early and walked over to Emek Refaim where the WHOLE Polly/Preiser/Admon/Rubin Family had reservations at Norman's on the occasion of the One Year Anniversary of Saba & Savta's Aliya!!!

All 16 grandkids (and significant others - does that make it 17 'official' grandkids?), Saba & Savta, Mommy & Daddy and Aunt Sharon & Uncle Uriel - (24 people in all) and we laughed and shmoozed and joked and basically basked in the beauty of being together as a family and enjoying ourselves in Jerusalem on a beautiful summer night.

Like I said to Sammy, "If a third of these kids didn't exist and we were half our age, it would be like we were just here on vacation."

With a smile she replied, "Isn't that what this is?"


da' kender said...

And they knew the whole thing was my idea and I gave a speech :) hehehe... Thats funny...

yo' meanma said...

1. Does this mean shish-kabob for shabbos?? :)

2. Worked out well didn't it!

3. Yes you do get all the credit, just remember it was Abba's suggestion as to Where We Eat and...I made the phone call to reserve :) by the way the speach was great.

Thank you to both of you for all you do, even when we all drive each other crazy (I think I forget to say that often enough)

tevie said...

to It means make something that use to say moo :P (and it better not come from a can!!!) :)

And yes big sis i am very happy (and if i need help with all the body parts (u DO need to know them all) i know someone who already knows them :P)

ps. be ready to lose on shab :)