Sunday, August 06, 2006

"Mmmm... Tastes Like Beetles."

Today was Sunday. First I had the laziest morning that I have had in a very long time. I finally decided to get up and make myself presentable enough to show my face in public. (It takes a lot of work - but sometimes I can almost manage it.)
Then Saba and Savta picked me up and we headed up to Jerusalem for some grandaughter-quality-time. We went out for lunch then stopped off at the fabric store to pick up material for me to make a skirt for Sassy's wedding (which is coming up.)
Back at Home "Sammy's Cooking Chug" had its first session. They made multi-purpose-pizza-dough.
I call it 'multi-purpose' because there are so many things that you can do with it.
Such as:
Garlic Knots - (Knots of dough brushed with olive-oil and garlic.)

Pizza Bubble Rings - (Blobs of dough stuffed with cheese.)
and of course - Pizza (duh.)
After the flour fight, water fight, winkie overload, travelling clothes rack parade and cleaning the floor...

Mommy and I went out to a 'salad and socialize' evening at the shul. It was the Ima's of the community and me. Lol! Funny really. Dr. Yaffa spoke and it was quite an interesting affair.

Now I'm eating apple-dapple cake and some home-made ice cream and then I'll go to sleep.

More exciting stuff tomorrow as Rabbi C arrives and my vacation continues...

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