Thursday, August 03, 2006

"My, we certainly do have some interesting bugs around here..."

Another Tisha B'Av come and gone and still we sit in exile awaiting the final redemption.

I woke up early this morning and went to shul. I actually made it through a majority of the Kinnos. Back at Home Freddie and I watched some depressingly sad war and Holocaust movies with intermissions to check on the status of the national news and the general 'going-ons' in our small state.

Shosh came whilst Freddie, Brenda and myself attempted to clean the bedroom in the hopes that it would be neat as a pin for Moshiach's imminent arrival. Sadly, Moshiach was a 'no show' but now the room is a bit cleaner.

Break-fast consisted of vegetable-barley soup (a tradition), homemade chocolate chip muffins, freshly baked coffee cake (with the yummy crumb topping) and a big salad (totally lacking in Bulgarian cheese.)

Afterwards, Brenda made some ice-cream and colored Mommy green.

Then I washed the muffin tins and we went upstairs to go to sleep.

I'm not asleep yet, mostly because I haven't managed to fall there.

"I'm Brian, no I'm Brian, no I'm Brian and so is my wife..."

Good night all... Shabbos is on it's way.

Thank goodness. :)

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