Wednesday, August 30, 2006


At 4 this morning a mosquito buzzing in my ear woke me up. At a little after 5 Shosh got back to the ranch so we had some quality time. Then Debs woke up and came in to join us. As my watch beeped 6 Shosh and I polished off the rest of a big bag of Skittles. It's soooooo good to have her back!!!! Welcome Home my Dunce!!!

At work, Feige's replacement was in for 'training' - so I tried to be a happy sociable me. I honestly never realized how much I do in the office. Doing the stupid little things for everyone really helps keep the office running. Not that I only do stupid little things, I do proposals and take dication from everyone and stay late to chase after ads too. And though I DO ask lots of questions it's only because I'd rather be sure that I'm doing the job right than make a mistake - because as we know - mistakes are intolerable and seamless perfection is key.

Damn, I do HATE being a perfectionist, but it is simply a part of me.

Caught the 7:45 bus cause I missed the other two thanks to idiots and time-differences.

Now I'm Home. Freddie is away at Sheirut, so it's just me all alone in our room. It's quite sad actually.

I think tomorrow I will clean up some of my stuff. It really does need to be done and this is my one day of the month free.

Maybe a friend will come over and help me?

Well, it would be nice...

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