Tuesday, August 29, 2006

"They built a new street in the last hour..."

DEBORAH CAME THIS MORNING and let me tell you - that was a really really really good way to wake up. :)

Lounged around and put up onion soup for dinner. Went to work. Even though the phones rang off the hook, everybody was in a generally good-cheer. On the way back to the ranch I stopped off to pick up a present for my Freddie.

Dinner is going to be a party. As soon as Debs and Sammy get here we're gonna eat, shmooze and have lots and lots of fun!!!

Riddle me this - how funny... Never mind, I won't boss bash tonight. :)

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yo' meanma said...

Onion Soup, and you didn't invite me :(
We had Dal and boy was it yummy:)

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