Friday, August 18, 2006

Uuuuhhhh, Chew...

Brenda - Update your BLOG you silly monkey!!!
Freddie - Can-a-sta. I won! HAHAHAHAH!!!
Little Brother - Nuuuu, tell me a story! (Get ready to lose? Are you crazy?!)
Dibble - You are sooooo cute!!!

The art of eating a sandwich cookie:
1. You must have 2 cookies.
2. Open them up.
3. Eat the two sides with less filling.
4. Squash the two remaining sides together.
5. Lick off whatever oozed out.
6. Eat the cookie. (Now double stuffed.)

Optional - drown the new double stuffed cookie in milk and eat the cookie part off leaving just the filling. Ingest at your leisure.

Have a great Shabbos everybody!

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