Saturday, August 05, 2006

Would you like a muffin? I've got 2 to spare...

Shabbos was lots of fun! Shosh was here and we certainly enjoyed our last chance to spend 'quality-time' together before she jets off to frummie-ville. :)Friday night we went to shul and then after the meal we sat around and had a little kumzitz with some singing, shmoozing and of course a couple of shots of cherry and chocolate liqueur... Woke up for shul this morning and it ran a little late then there was a 'one-year-anniversary kiddush' sponsored by a couple of families in the neighborhood. Lunch was a quick milchig affair and then we napped. Four hours later we stumbled downstairs to find something to nosh on and then Shabbos was over. We're trying to figure out our plans for tonight. Shosh is staying and I think some partying is in order.

Especially cause we can listen to music again.


Shavua Tov everybody!

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