Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Morning. Was. The end.

Work. Well, I've figured out my purpose at the office. See, I thought that according to the job description that I was hired to be an executive assitant for my boss. Turns out, I am an executive assistant for 3 people in addition to essentially becoming the graphics department after 3. I am also the errand girl and mail-person all the while I am also head of filing and chief of newspaper drawer-organizing. I know, it doesn't seem like a lot and I know it doesn't look like anything glamorous and frankly it isn't - but you'd think I'd get a bit more appreciation. After 3 I keep the office running. You know all that stuff I listed earlier? Well, I neglected to mention the 6 phone lines that never stop ringing. Oh yeah, and today I finally realized that I actually spend a good chunk of time EVERY-DAY fixing up other people's mistakes and redoing things that were done wrong.

I got an amusing e-mail this morning. I refuse to write back. I will not. I simply won't.

Tonight I have a date with Shosh. I think we're going to pick up some chinese and go eat in the park. I love parks and I love this weather. It's perfect sweatshirt weather and a little windy too. Hopefully the clouds will clear and we'll get some stars...

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