Tuesday, September 26, 2006

All I Ever Wanted...

Spent the morning in transit. Though, first I chilled at Home and then a bit at the Ranch. I took chicken soup from Mommy and it is now safely stowed away in the freezer for the cold nights ahead.

Work was as usual. I think the new girl dislikes me, or tries to pretend that I don't exist. I think that she is sore about the fact that as the 'new girl' she has to do more of the dirty work. (IE post office duty.) Today the Head Boss asked me to finalize my agenda for the year. Looks like I'll be taking on 8 hours a day at the office and will probably have to lose my 'free-Thursday' every month. I'm going to have less of a life than I have now and will probably pull my hair out and/or go insane. (Like toll-collectors on the highway.)

Walked to and through a whole bunch of parks. Played solitaire and Go Fish. Comfy on the grass.

Hooray for sweatshirt weather!!!

Thanks Little Brother!!!

Sukkot is coming!!!


debsy said...

And the fact that i left is a non event??????? thanks dear!!!! I love u too!!!! and anyway what happened to figments???? ;-P

~{~~@ said...

Just wanted to say - I once learned life isn't about people liking you, sometimes it's beter to have someone else post office for a change... know what I mean!

btw- I thought about it and maybe I need a new nickname, I mean being your big sis is an honor- but it's starting to have bad connotations............