Monday, September 04, 2006

Disconcerting Comments...

Long lazy morning - the only self-quality time I really have this week. So, I ran a few errands and finally stopped procrastinating and got my glasses re-aligned so that they sit straight on my face. Now I can even wear them if I ever actually go out on a date - (yeah right, like that'll ever happen.)

This afternoon work work work. Nothing fun looks to be in store. Just doing 4-6 peoples' work for wages that kid's in sweat-shops and factories in the Orient receive. (I'm not bitter, am I?)

Did you know that entrance level jobs in certain fields get you a salary of... Never mind.

Happy note - Dum arrives today with the D.B. group flight. Hopefully Freddie and I will get out to Bayit V'gan to see her tonight. I'm excited for that - we should probably bring her some food - I remember my first night in the dorms - it was fun but I was sooooo hungry and we had no idea where to go to buy food.

If anything of interest comes up - I'll let you know. Be forewarned, don't hold your breath. My expectations are not too high...

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tevie said...

i hope u have fun!
god im bored! help me!!