Sunday, September 17, 2006

Ear Egg Elephant...

The ranch woke up feeling generally ill this morning. I was the only shnook who actually left the apartment and trudged to work. (to trudge: to walk in abject misery.)

At the office I was brow-beaten, ignored and made to feel generally stupid and incompetent. I love those days. I sincerely pray that I did not seem as dumb and doe-eyed as our newest assistant. Oh yes, and I've come to a decision - no more "Lori Story" time at work. It's not worth it to bother talking about myself - it doesn't make me feel any better and it doesn't really help. So, I've decided to just kvetch to Toffee before falling asleep at night. At least he listens and never talks back.

After work I met up with my Freddie. We stopped off to pick up some food for our 'feast.'

Back at the ranch, everything was my fault and well, basically - it's all my fault.

Ok, I get the point - I'm a selfish spoiled brat.

And egotistical.

1 comment:

RebJay said...

whats your fault????????

dont be sad...