Monday, September 11, 2006

Gotta Be...

chilled/funky/cute/put-togetherish and still able to get dirty.

This morning I chilled with Debs for a bit then headed out to Malcha with my one and onlyest Nootch! We finally caught a 5 and then had a wonderfully amusing 2 hours in the mall - wandering around and finding new hobbies. Then we caught a bus into Town where we wandered and I got fro-yo with sprinkles and caramel galore...

Work was amusing enough. I suppose. Hila, (the newest addition to the troops) started working today. Her goal is to teach me Hebrew. Let's see if she can help... Plus I had an amusing shmooze with my big sis this morning. (Sis, I wanna hear some of those wild stories...)

After work I headed to the Old City where I played rummikub and spit for a couple of hours.

On the way back to the Ranch I met up with Freddie and we went to the Woof's dirah. Then we went to Angel's and Freddie got me a yummy big cheese bourekka.

Back on the Ranch the girls were waiting with Fries, crispy and salted to perfection.

Mancala, shmoozing and snide remarks about my lack of involvement in cleaning the apt.

Sleep time? I think yes...

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