Saturday, September 30, 2006

He Loves Me, Not...

I have a blinding migraine and lots of bad news.

My lots in life I suppose.

Shabbos was nice though. Sammy's friend Debra was here. Friday night we walked to Aviv and back again. Were asleep by midnight. Made it to shul on time and then there was a kiddush. Was supposed to go for a walk with the tall one but I slept all afternoon instead. The hammock has become quite a challenge to sleep on due to 2 popped strings.

After shabbos I drove Freddie to Aviv and we picked up the Woof. Back at Home I found out some annoying information.

I'm off to sulk.
Maybe to think.
My head hurts a lot.
Shoulder to cry on?


~{~~@ said...


Everything ok!

I'm worried...

Miryam said...


You're making me want to jump on a plane this very instant so I can see you again!! I hope that whatever it is, it will pass with some time, but until then, I wish I could be there for you!!

Miss you tons!!

RebJay said...

ohh i feel bad. i'm sorry !!
u know what for !!
love ya