Sunday, September 24, 2006

I Want a Sweatshirt Too...

Well, shabbos was nice and chag was nice. Basically, it was all nice.

Lots of quality time with Little Brother and Shani and we went to Aviv and ate at the Grotskys and I actually managed to finish all of Sefer Tehillim. We napped and shmoozed and davened and walked and danced and had a very good time.

The food was good and company was better and it was quite enjoyable.

We played Rummikub and Shani was on my team and we won. Twice.

Now it's all over. A new year has begun and things go on as ever with the smallest of changes.

Freddie is going back to the city tonight and I am the one staying Home.

Life goes on and all things change.

May they be for the better.

Happy New Year...


Little Brother said...

I love you Lori!! :D

tevie said...

it was a good chag/shab! and u beat me twice!!! ahhhhh i was SO close (u did peack and see what i had so :P)

have a good 2 weeks big sis! and lets hope i get off all sukot!!!

RebJay said...