Sunday, September 03, 2006

The Kallah Wore White Crocs...

Went into the office early so that I could leave early. The head bosses are away for a few days so it was quiet. (Especially seeing as one person was fired, Feige has officially moved-on, and the 'new lady' (rumor has it) won't last very long...)

Rushed back to the ranch and then ran out to find ice-cream before getting dressed for the wedding. I wore my new pretty ball-gown skirt (that Mommy made for me) and I think I looked put together enough (though, Mrs. S was unimpressed by my choice of foot-wear.)

It was quick and painless and now Sassy is married. At least I got a nice Bracha before being forgotten about and brushed to the side. Whatever, I'm used to it. No sweat. Though, it was nice to see the extended Afikei gang.

Shosh and I got a few good pics and I even got to talk to R' L. and tell him about my latest escapades.

Tomorrow it's 'back to normal' and Dorian arrives. Fun Fun Fun...

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Chavs said...

I want to see pictures!!

I know the feeling of being brushed aside...sadly enugh i know it wellq