Monday, September 04, 2006

Life's Little Anomalies...

So here I am 21 and loving it. Please allow me to elaborate...

So, work was amusing enough. The real 'kicker' was right before I left. I was told to call a paper in Argentina and find out why their fax machine wasn't working. I dialed and a lady picked up.
"Mundo Israelita" she said.
"Hello, I'm calling from..."
"No, no, yo no hablo ingles."
"Tu habla Hebreo?"
"No, espanol y iddish."
"ummm.... shniya..."
Ok, so now that I've deduced that the lady speaks no hebrew or english but that she does speak yiddish - I know, call the boss and let him take care of it. He grew up in Har Nof - he MUST speak Yiddish. A little? Not at all?!?! Oh my goodness.

After leaving the office only 10 minutes late and laughing so hard that my eyes teared - I caught a 21 out to Bayit V'gan. I spoke to Freddie and we worked out our time-schedule to meet up visit Dum and Debra and get back to our ranches asap. Lo and behold, as we reached the turn to Dovd Meretz, Dum called to tell us that we shouldn't bother coming because they had a shiur scheduled. I said "let's see who the speaker is." Debra made my day when she informed me that the sheet had Rabbi Lauffer listed as the speaker. He pulled up and as he opened the car-door the first words out of his mouth were "Polly, what the heck are you doing here? You following me?" Anyway, it was really really (add a few more reallys) good. I got to talk to him and then got a chizuk shiur to start my 'shana daled' off properly ended by another short conversation. I am sooooo thankful for my Rebbeim and Teachers!!! Have I ever mentioned how much hakarat hatov I owe them?!?!

After saying g'nite to Dum and Debra, (and giving Dum my map of the city) Freddie and I headed off to TM to get some dinner. Yay for tastreats and bourrekas!!! Then we shmoozed as we shpatzired back to the bus-stop.

Back at the Ranch my Dunce is making me clean up.

I think I'll go hide behind a hot chocolate.

I took the Denim jacket out!

Winter is coming!

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yo' meanma said...

hot chocolate?

I wanna hot chocolate toooo.

glad your day was amusing, don't you remember anything Vicki taught you? no? well you could have called me to help. I can at least tell her in spanish that I need the bathrooms cleaned very well & that I really don't want to eat chicken (wonder why :> )