Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Marshmellows on Fire...

Woke up to shocking experiences. Mommy and Daddy came to check out our 'electric water' situation. After experimenting (with me as the human conducter/tester) we headed to the 'Gichon' to take care of some annoying paperwork and pour more of my shekels into the Israeli whatever-ya-call-it.

At the office it was a reular psychotic Tuesday. Phones ringing off the hooks, e-mails not going through, finishing everyone else's semi-started work oh yeah and I went to the post office too. What's that, second time in 3 days?! No comment.

Back at the Ranch I made up a double batch of garlic-knots and waited for the party to arrive. Freddie, Woof, Sara and Tova all came to visit. Freddie brought a ton of nosh and we drank lots and lots water.

When is a Brita filter's filter considered not to filter? I mean, a year later the water still tastes better if you at least run it through the thingamajig. But does it really make a difference?

For the record, I conduct (on average) 4 volts of electricity through my body. Which, somehow is not as much as the ceramic soap-dish in my bathroom which conducts 6 volts.

I just can't measure up.

Maybe tomorrow...


yo' meanma said...

shocking I tell you, just SHOCKING!!!

debsy said...

Watts that you say?? Personally i think the news about the 24V with washing machine plugged in is even more electrifying - makes my hair stand on end!! ;-)