Thursday, September 21, 2006

Oooooh Chayalim...

I actually ran errands this morning. I felt so productive.

Work, yeah so I did an emergency run to the bank. I got an awful blister from my shoe.

After work I went on a shopping spree then met up with Debs and we ran to the Old City. Made it to the Cardo for Mincha and then falafel and uno in the over-look (with company...)

After maariv I waited with Debs to get a cab and then settled down to wait for the Mishpucha.

First Freddie showed up and finally the rest of the gang trickled in (all except Eli who is up in Tzfat until motzei yom kippur.)

No pizza, just soda in glass bottles. Guess it's a good thing I got the 15 function pocket knife for Daddy and not the dinky little 5 function like Sammy and I have.

The car ride was peaceful and now it's time to sleep. In the guestroom? Well, I'm sharing it with Sammy either way - so it's kind of like 'normal' - that is SUCH a relative term in this house.

I'm off to bed. It IS erev-chag.

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