Friday, September 15, 2006

Quality Time...

Early start on a morning that I was going to sleep late - but MORE than worthwhile...

Shacharit at the Kotel followed by fresh Onkers bagels in the rova. Then to Geulah through Meah Shearim and out to the shuk for some nuts and veggies. Quick stop in TM and the bakery for challah.

Now it's time to take an Erev Shabbos nap and then get ready to pack and go out to Bayit V'gan.

Shabbos is going to be great - I'm soooo excited!!!!

Have a great one!

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Chavs said...

um...everything ok? This is the first time that I checked your blog after Shabbat and you havent written anything. Since Shabbat ends a lot after yours does, this usually doesnt happen. Hope you are doing well!

Shavuah tov!

Miss you!