Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Spent quite an enjoyable morning with my Nootch. First we had brunch at Rimon followed by a trip out to the 5 shekel mumble-jumble bookstore. We had no brilliant strokes of luck so we went over to our favorite rare and antique bookstore next-door.

After parting ways I headed to the office. My boss tried to buy my life - luckily my Big Sis wasn't about to sell me out (especially for a measly 50 shekels.) No comments about work - just in case the boss DOES decide to 'google-it.' Hmmmmm, nah, I can kvetch he's not that comp-savvy. Nonetheless, *Ahem* hint hint - raise?

I'm getting excited about Rosh Hashana. I've invited guests and I am quite looking forward to it.

I'm off to read some more Rudyard Kipling. I found a great copy of ten-stories on our escapade today.



debsy said...

doesn't look or sound like ur reading just so stories to me!!!!

~{~~@ said...

He'll never find us... hahehoo.

Is it so complicated - a "J" is a "J" not a "G". It's Jpost not Gpost- sheesh... wait, woud SHE google it???