Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Stupidity and Moronic Icons...

I had an amusing conversation with a friend today. The friend shall remain anonymous, but the point is still amusing and poignantly true...

Lorelai says: yeah.
Lorelai says: they like commitment.
Friend says: i hate that word dont mention it
Lorelai says: lol! so do most guys...

Long lazy morning in which I bothered Little Brother, Becca and Debs (who has been reduced to letters once again.)

Work was ridiculous. Sent the new girl to the post-office and sat dumbfounded and gaped at the slow pace that she worked at. Will they keep her around? I wonder. Seriously. I mean, I dunno - she really DOES remind me of someone who once was around and was sacked after a few months (or was it weeks?) Ok, maybe it's a personality clash. Maybe it's all me. Maybe I am more of a Witch (with a capital B) than I thought.

In addition, let me take this opportunity to say that in the last four months I have become more Witchy and obnoxious than ever. I give attitude even when I don't mean to. It's not intentional, I promise.

Anyway - at 7:30 my boss called me to find out if I was still in the vicinity of the office because he had forgotten his office-key at home and couldn't exactly lock up without one. I told him 'no' and got on the bus feeling very proud of myself. Sad thing is, if I hadn't been heading Home I probably would've turned around and gone back to the office.

What a pathetic sissy I am.

Is it true what they say that "it is better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all" I mean, one wonders. Not that I have any experience or claim any expertise in the field - just a thought related to a memory that surfaced unbidden in the back of my mind today.

Becca and Chelibeli sent me THE sweetest e-mails. I love you gals down under. Just thought you should know, you made my day.

I'm Home tonight and exhausted too. Sleep? Well, the A/C has been cleaned so all I have to do is put my bed back together and clean the room. Again.

What I wouldn't give for a hammock moment tonight.

I've got to admit. I wouldn't give anything,

But there's not much I wouldn't give...


debsy said...

You didn't bother me at all don't you worry!!! and good luck for the rest of this weeks hurdles (and next weeks) don't worry Shabbos is coming!!!

RebJay said...

no worries lolli polly ... it was our pleasure!!!
maybe we'll send you more this week!!!
we love you too..
even though cheli hasnt met u, she talks about u alll dayyyy long...
i want lolli polly....

love me