Sunday, September 10, 2006

Thank you Shani...

Baaaaaaad morning. Took a bus back to Jeru and we stalled 4 times on the highway.

Work, yeah - so the 'new lady' has decided to move on to better things, leaving me (once again) on my own. Told the bosses that I could theoretically work more hours. Maybe I'll get a raise, I mean, it's only been 10 months... After a screaming match with some twit at some publication I left work late.

I was in no mood to go back to the ranch. I needed to get out. Thank heavens for friends and friends of friends. So, I finally met Gigush. We shopped and shmoozed and yeah, I enjoyed.

Many thanks to everyone who listened to me gripe today, helped me out today, cheered me on today and bought me drinks today...

I owe you one.

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