Saturday, September 09, 2006

What's an Orgeel?...

Whoa. Talk about a laid back Shabbos.

Friday night - ok, so it wasn't quiet but it was very chilled (after WW? anyway.) Sleep is always nice.

Shabbos day - Shul was freezing cold and lunch at the Kowals was REALLY nice - they are a really cute family. Shabbos nap 1/2 on the hammock and 1/2 in Alaska - of course I fell asleep in my book. 3 cheers for another Arthurian interpretation! Ora came so we shteiged a bissel then headed over to Saba & Savta. 3 more cheers for chocolate/mint ice-cream!!! After havdala Saba drove us Home.

Tonight I think I'm going to steal all of Sammy's music then pack. In the morning it's back to the city, life and 2 weeks of 'fun'(?)...

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