Monday, October 02, 2006

Cotton Swab...

Considering the amount of confusion and mental turmoil that I entered into Yom Kippur with, I must say that by the conclusion I had found much peace with myself.

Was at shul and in shul on time and before time. Managed a taanit dibur at night and for most of the day.

For the sake of having things to reminisce about next year allow me to jot down some funny-isms:
1. One of the freaky boys forgot his shoes at Home and walked down the tayelet barefoot. It wouldn't have been quite so amusing had his pants not been rolled up past his ankles. It looked like he was was going fishing.
2. Pajamas and bright blue crocs.
3. Michael Z. was convinced that he had seen Daddy in shul at kol nidrei. On second thought, maybe he dreamed of him. All I had to say was, "if you're dreaming of my father..."

Thank you partner for your t'fillot, they helped VERY much.

Clarity is such an important thing. Proper perspective is almost essential as well.

And remember, when you need help - ask for it. Of course it helps when the person that you need to speak to drives up at just the right moment. But even if they don't, seek them out. It's worth it.

Friends, sisters and role-models - thank you all.

A new year dawns, sin-free and beautiful.

Let us begin...

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partner said...

Firstly - my pleasure. Secondly - don't even think about putting it in your ear or i'll fly over expressly to give your an ear full (pun intended!) its really not safe (confussed??... read the title again!)