Saturday, October 07, 2006

The Cute One...

Chag was really nice. I mean, it was Shabbos and Chag together so it was two times as much fun! Debra and Dum and Nootch and Spalding and others were over. Friday night we played Apples to Apples in the Sukkah. Tamir came over (even) and it was lots of fun. Woke up with plenty of time to spare before shul and actually made it on time.

Once again I was reminded of the fact that Kohelet is without a doubt my favorite Sefer of Nach. Everything we toil at and for in this world really is fruitless and pointless. Shame we don't realize it earlier.

After Chag was the Zwebner open house. Everybody who is anybody was there. It was one of THE social events of the holiday. It was great fun. Little brother came and I got to see Sawa. After the block party broke up Little Brother drove Sammy, Woof and me to Burger's Bar. It smelled yummy - but I didn't have any. We were celebrating the beggining of the Woof's newest diet.

It's official, I have a shoulder devil, I'm not totally forgotten (sheesh, ummm, thanks?) I am cute and I'm not THAT fat. ;)

Yep, all is well with the world.

More tomorrow...

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