Sunday, October 29, 2006

Dating Advice From The Boss...

Well, the morning started at 6 and then at 7 and then I took a 7:30 bus back into Jeru. Spent ten minutes with Shosh and then headed out to meet up with a friend for Bagels for Breakfast. (Flip-flops are great, but don't your toes start to get chilly at some point? Especially when it's rainy. I suppose it's true though, close-toed-shoes are overrated.)

Work was manageable. A little depressing and gloomy and didn't really talk to anyone, but I guess that's just life.

Left the office more or less on time and wandered down to town. Found some destruction paper and ponytail-holders then I walked back to the ranch, stopping on the way for some vegetables.

Back at the ranch PJs were in order and then this and some knitting.

And of course talking to my partner. Where would I be without her? What would I do without her?

And why am I not silly? Pray-tell.

Nah, it's ok. Really, I can take it.

I am completely normal.

1 comment:

your partner said...

'scuse be but i never sai u were normal!!! in fact i've never described u as such, nor will i! I just said u werne't silly!! big difference! I think nuts was the word i used today - i know i've used other words in the past!!
Besides all that - why are you asking those questions! it's me that should be asking them not you!!!