Sunday, October 22, 2006

A French-Fry Sandwich with Fries on the Side...

Woke up early in the morning, packed and caught an 8:00 bus. Spent some time with Shosh and then spoke to Becca before heading out to the office.

You know those days where it just feels like proper day? Like, when you do the things you need to do and even more than that, you actually know how to do what you are doing. It's a relatively good feeling.

After work I met Freddie on Yaffo and we walked to the Old City. There we davened Maariv at the Kotel and scouted out the pancakes, I mean, puppies, I mean... Yeah, you know what I mean. They were just ALL over the place. Then we walked up through the Jewish Quarter and got some chocolate pudding to nosh on. At the bus-stop I missed a great opportunity - hopefully another one will arise in the nearish future. And yes Sammy, he WAS wearing a kippah. Harumph and *sigh.*

Back at the Ranch we ate deli sandwiches and french-fries. I think I'm going to explode.

Off to figure out where my actual sense of adventure is. I have quite an extensive theoretical one - but the fruition is more like frutation and it doesn't actually flower. *sniff*

Maybe tomorrow.

Chodesh Tov again! :)

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