Saturday, October 28, 2006


Lazy Friday night. All my little brothers read to me. Went to sleep after the pajama party. It was early. Spent more of the night awake than asleep. Nonetheless, in the morning I was all congested and felt icky. So I decided not to go to shul. First time in about two years.

Spent the morning reading and sleeping. The meal was quiet and long. Read and slept some more. Had a mini PJ party and then slept some more. Brenda played Dr. and fed me medicine and then I played rummikub, on Avi's team. We won third place and Little Brother won first.

Shabbos was over waaay too fast. We put up some minestrone soup to cook and Sammy tried to teach me how to play her song.

It's movie night.
Ice Age 2.

Anybody wanna join?


tevie said...

i know ur not making fun of of the crembo! aka cookie with heven on top!

debsy said...

either i'm going nuts or my eyes or deceiving me! - don't know! i'm confused!! last night there were four posts exactly the same one after the other all posted at different times! This morning, there is only one! The one that was posted at the latest time! Did something funny happen or am I dreaming?