Monday, October 16, 2006

Happiness Comes From Within...

I must admit, it is comforting to know that there are people who have faith in you. People who honestly believe that 'you can do it' - and not in the wishy-washy just say it way, but honestly care and are there to be your cheer-leaders when the going gets rough. Thank you to my squad - you have no idea how much it means.

So, today was my first 'long' day. It was supposed to be 9 hours, but lucky for me some of the bosses went away so I got sprung an hour early. I guess tomorrow will be my first 9 hour stint. Anywho, a new 'new girl' started today. I actually have high hopes for this one. She's a sweetie and I think her personality will meld just fine with the rest of us nuts as soon as she falls into routine. (Hehe, I say that like it's easy... I am evil.)

On the way back to the Ranch I stopped off for some badly needed groceries. I have a funny feeling that it I don't hide them in my closet they will be gone by the end of the week. *Sigh* Alas, soon enough our apartment will be our own again. I must admit that now that I am going to be spending 1/3 of my day at work and I intend to spend about 1/3 of it sleeping, I really won't be seeing Shosh much! It's a depressing thought. I mean, we live together - but in the months to come, we won't be spending ANY time together.

Have I mentioned that upping my hours is social suicide for any of my friends who are unrelated to work?! Gotta admit, I'm VERY excited about more time with everyone at the office - but I'm really going to miss my chill-time with Nootch and free mornings to laze about and talk to my Becca.

I need to get my disposable camera developed. I want to find somewhere that does free doubles. I think there is a place on Kanfei-Nesharim, but I have to not be toooo lazy to go out and drop it off. Remind me, cause I'll forget.

As one of my favorite teachers said, "My mind is like cottage cheese..."


'Yo Abba said...

Awww Shucks, that's what I get paid for.

Your Male Parental Unit

RebJay said...

just when i think my net will be up when i get home this arvo... you work almost full time... u better be on your msn!!!

missing you (cough, cough)