Monday, October 30, 2006

How Did This Night Come About?

So I got woken up waaaay too early this morning. At work the elevators were screwy and (shhh...) I joined my sis and TB on a trip to a new client's store and got some free pizza out of the deal.

Thought I'd get out on time but had to send 'one more e-mail' which set me back 5 minutes. Finally I left and met up with the mishpuchu on Agrippas. We drove into Town (not that we weren't there already, but we parked the car) and went to Burger's Bar for dinner.

Met up with Sammy and Malia. And suddenly outta nowhere the Woof and Little Brother were there too! We shmoozed and then Malia ditched us. We were bored so we went to the Old City and even to the Kotel. Then we walked Little Brother back to a bus and forced the Woof to walk back to TM.

Back on the Ranch, Shosh was wondering where I had disappeared to. I mumbed about taste-treats and I think that's the end of my story for today.

Today was a really really long day. I was amazed that it's only Monday. It honestly felt like a Wednesday. Not a good sign, huh?

But, thanks to friends it was a good day all-around...

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yo' meanma said...

Soooo many burgers so very many fries???

well at least the onion rings were yummy :)

Thanks for joining us for dinner