Wednesday, October 25, 2006

"I have learned that sometimes you don't let go."

Early morning this morning cause I had to get Brenda out to Binynei Ha'umah by 7:00. We managed just fine and even Squiggles was ready on time.

Back at the Ranch there was some pre-work m'shugas and I spent half an hour working on the blanket. It's coming out very nicely.

Walked to work and got there early. Don't worry, just to even things out I left late. *Sigh* A friend of mine warned me that at my age it is very dangerous to become a 'workaholic.' I thought to myself, "Surely I could NEVER be a workaholic. I mean, look at my track-record. Anything NOT to do work." And then I realized, I certainly AM in danger of it happening. I've always had this bad habit of putting too much of myself into things. (Stopping here, but this is certainly not all there is to be said regarding me in conjunction to this topic.)

As I left the office I marvelled at the brilliant lightning that zig-zagged across the sky every few seconds. Nonetheless, I decided to walk and about a block away from the office it started to drizzle. Soon the rain began in earnest. So, I took a detour into TM to see if Tower Records had 'The Nightmare Before Christmas' in stock. (I was not surprised to see that they didn't.)

Back at the ranch all is quiet. I'm waiting for Shosh to get back. I suppose in the meantime I'll knit some more.

I'd REALLY like to take a walk in the pouring rain and then afterwards, warm in my PJs, to hear a story. I'm quite in the mood for some Rudyard Kipling tonight.

Nothing special.
Just So...

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