Tuesday, October 03, 2006

It's a galette...

Woke up at 6 this morning. Hotel breakfast. Relaxed in the sitting room with Eli, Spalding, Brenda, Freddie, Red, Tuvia, Daddy and the guitars. Knitting and crocheting was fun.

Uneventful busride. Work was ridiculous. Especially because we had been closed Sunday and Monday, so today was a double-deadline-day. Like I said, ridiculous.

Got an unexpected phone-call that I was sort of dreading getting. Being the responsible me that I am, I ignored it. Got an utterly unexpected SMS and answered it with a phone call. I think that signals that I can lay the issue to rest. The situ that never began except for in my head, well, now I feel silly.

I have completely ruined myself with all of those books that I have been known to devour. Made my life harder and spun my dreams wildly out of control.

I dream of the impossible.

Fairy tales indeed.


Zalman said...

Where would life be without the dreams written in words given to mere mortals?

debsy said...

So as long as you can determine whats fairy tale and whats not and should and shouldn't be a fairy tale you're fine!

~{~~@ said...

After your explanation it all makes more sense, it's like reading a whole 'nother blog....

good luck sis

Lorelai said...



It ALWAYS makes more sense after the explanation.

Ok, maybe not.

p.s. - when should I come over?