Sunday, October 08, 2006

Ooof, I'm Doin Wojy...

For the record I was NOT it town tonite partying it up with certain unmentionable individuals.

Spent the day 'relaxing' in the house. No, seriously, I didn't leave the house until I walked Debra to the bus-stop to catch the 9:15PM bus. I also didn't bother getting dressed until after 3 this afternoon.

Dum was brave and got permission to sleep out tonight, so even though Freddie had to back to Jeru I have company. Shani was out most of the day too, but after enough bothering she came over too.

Yes, I do have some good music - and yes, our 'presents' were junk. But hey, it's nice to be thought of every once in a while.

And, "Kidnap the Sandy Claws" is sooooooo much better than "What's This?"

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