Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Qwac! I Love You...

Woke up early to start breakfast. Freddie came over as planned and brought fresh lachmanyot from Angels (still warm) and deeeelicious chocolate rugelach. I provided the hash-browns and chocolate milk and a place to host our party.

Walked to work and it was pretty blah. I am used to working in the quiet and boringness of the afternoon, which used to be annoying but is now torture because all morning long the office is hectic and busy and then suddenly when the morning crew leaves it gets all spookily silent.

After work I stopped off at the Ranch to pick up my disposable camera and then headed out to get it developed. While I waited I listened to a shiur by Rabbi Taub and that helped the time fly by.

No scruffy ones today - maybe tomorrow. Though, my hopes are not tooooo high. Doesn't mean I have a bad attitude, just I don't think it'll ever happen. Ok, maybe I am a bit of a pessimist. But, at least I'm cute. Right? Or am I not, in which case, why do people feel the need to lie to me about everything?

*Sigh* Ok, done for tonight.


Dunce said...

Ur just so cute and put together...Even after a waterfight-beware, I know where u sleep (ice cubes r still in the freezer right?)
p.s. annoying keyboard

Dunce said...

U look so cute upside down (and put together).... and yes i'm still soaking wet!!!!!!!!!!!!