Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Shaken Not Stirred...

Don't hit me!

Waaay too early of a morning. Work was bleh, but I got a nice outing with my sister! Thanks sis, I needed it!

Rushed back to the apt to help Freddie. She cooked up a storm and helped decorate. She even picked up a cake!


After the meal we played 'trivial pursuit.' Actually, we just each other questions. Sometimes I am amazed at how many random facts I actually know. Sometimes however I am saddened to realize how little I actually know.

At my most intelligent moment today I admitted that, "I'd love to have been a splunker but frankly I'm afraid of the dark..."

Thanks for the call Z. Nice to hear from you. :) Next time, we'll have to arrange a longer outing.

Almonds in marzipan? Who woulda thunk...


yo' meanma said...

please send a HAPPY B'DAY to Shosh from all of us here.
btw what did you make for the party meal?

debsy said...

yep almonds in marzipan and yet i can still it and in fact love it!! (but don't ever try making marzipan with haricott beans - it absolutely vile! - i've tried it(making and eating)!!)