Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Un- needed, wanted, necessary...

Woke up early in the morning cause Freddie had missed her bus. Made my own bus with Freddie and Tova (The Hashita Express as Michael dubbed it.) Stopped off at the ranch to visit the cohorts and then to work for a short morning spent with my sis!

The bosses gave us impossible work. We did what we could and then we played Boggle. Yes, I did file a bit. But just a bit... :)

Spent the afternoon with Shosh. We went out to eat and then to the park. We are pretty and put-together. Sometimes we are even pretty put-together. After a nap on the comfy couch we headed to TM so that I could catch a bus Home.

Sometimes I wish I had a friend to call when I just wanted someone to listen to me kvetch about being kvetched to and at. However, I feel bad nominating and/or designating someone for such a ridiculous job. And THAT my friend, is why I don't talk because generally what I have to say just isn't worth the time of day.

On the other hand, sometimes I do have important requests to ask of people - please daven for my very close friend's sister, she is very much in need of our T'fillot! Her name is Rochel Chana bas Yehudis Sarah. Thank you!


tevie said...

wow Boggle at work! they should give u a rise!!! :P

Anonymous said...

hey.. you can always count on me... just payback !!!!
i love it when u kevtch ... ;)
you put up with enough of mine ;)

Love Ya lots

The Master of Kvetching !!!

your partner said...

My eyes are full of tears! Thank you sooo much!!!
U know i'm always here! Just wish it didn't cost u an arm and a leg to call me!!
Love you tons partner!!