Friday, October 20, 2006


So I stayed up till 3 in the morning and was on quite a romantic and sappy movie kick. I watched 'Shakespeare in Love' (brilliant, simply brilliant) and the newest version of 'Pride and Prejudice' (I am totally a Darcy fan and an Elizabeth sympathizer. Plain and boring. Though, I suppose if I were stupid enough I could take comfort in the fact that she does get her happy ending. Of course, in real life that never happens and therefore I would need to be stupid to believe it possible.)

Woke up to a really really special phone call all the way from Down Under. YAY for Becca and her now operational 'American line'!

Now I am sulking in my room because all I ever do is sit around on my backside and watch other people work. Of course, I never do ANY work if I can help it. I am lazy and unproductive and rude and obnoxious.

Seems a miracle that there is anyone who speaks to me of their own free will.

Especially with my attitude problems...

Have a nice Shabbos.

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