Sunday, October 01, 2006


Well, after an unproductive night and many hours of highly troubled sleep, I return to the blog.

I'm going to post my horoscopes for the day. Let me assure you - I don't actually hold any stock in them - they just amuse me endlessly. Especially when they are so perfectly aligned with the story of my life. (And no, I don't even need to search to see how they could be. They just are.)

Check this out:

"You're loyal to a fault, but are you holding onto this potential romance out of a misguided sense of duty? Ask yourself if you're truly enjoying this person's company, or you're just happy to make someone else happy."

"What seems like a difference of opinion may well only be a lack of in-depth understanding. If the two of you talk it out, you just might just find that your outlooks are closer than you think."

"As problems develop today, you will need to take a step back and consider them coolly and rationally. Your initial response may not be appropriate, but if you take the time to think, you'll hit on the answer."

Yom Kippur is on its way. I need to go eat some breakfast. Daddy left last night and drove up to Tzfat. He's spending The day there at Eli's yeshiva. I'm sure they'll enjoy - I only wish I could have gone too.

I need a vacation something awful. I need to go somewhere else and turn off my phone and be computerless and just enjoy the sense of being. I'm drowning here and the problem with me drowning is that frankly, I'm a really good swimmer. So, when I start going down - I dunno - it just doesn't bode well.

I know Little Brother - "Just keep swimming."

I'm trying. Maybe a day of fasting and praying will help.

G'mar Chatima Tovah!

Moshiach now.


Hinda said...

Gmar Chatima Tovah, Lorelai! :-D

RebJay said...

wow.... thats some horoscope...
hope u had a gr8 day of fasting and praying.. i hope all your answers have answers...
cant wait till it's over by i'll be on my way to work!!!!