Saturday, October 14, 2006

Yair is a Nice Name...

Erev chag was pretty quiet and hum-drum. Lots of cooking, screaming and cleaning. Nothing out of the ordinary. Aside from the fun of making the funnest dessert, which is documented below.

Friday night was pretty quiet. Hakafot were spirited, Little Brother came over for the meal and then we walked to Aviv after dessert. Resolved certain issues, which no longer pester me and had a good night's sleep when we got Home. At least I walked away feeling content with my choices - even if that was my opponents objective. I am finished with this game. Rather, I am finished playing this game with you. I'll find someone better to play with.

Woke up and was at shul on time but left in the middle of the 3rd hakafah and went Home. Fell asleep and took a refreshing 3 hour nap. Woke up for a late meal and then Brenda and I walked out to Saba and Savta's house. We shmoozed and played rummikub - and I won. ;)

After havdala Mommy came and picked us up. Now it's Motz"ash and back to life. I just spent a week listening to people try to convince me to do something more fulfilling with my life. After all the speeches I know that my dead-end job isn't really cutting it and that while I love some of the people there, it isn't getting me anywhere in the scheme of things.

Suppose we'll see how this unfolds. Stay tuned...

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