Tuesday, November 07, 2006

A 14 Hour Day...

I hate mornings where I get woken earlier than anticipated.

Work. So, I was left alone at the desk at 3 with work for 3 people. Was supposed to leave at 5:30 but wound up staying until 7. Ran out to catch a 39, but they aren't running down Yafo due to the הפגנות in גאולה and מאה שערים. Have I mentioned that מאה שערים is a golden haze. Funniest thing is, they took down the traffic lights at Kikar Shabbos. So I went to catch a 21. At בית וגן I walked down Hapisga to Chaya's vort. MAZAL TOV CHAYA! So, she's engaged. Finally. And now it's official!!! YAY!!! Left the vort at around 9:45 and took a detour to שערי צדק to visit Freddie. We shmoozed in the מיון and then went back to her building to drink some hot-chocolate. After draining the dredges of sugar goop Freddie walked me out to שד' הרצל to catch a bus. I hopped on a random 23 with a very obliging bus-driver and as we headed down towards the entrance to the city I caught sight of 2-3 benches on fire. (The חרדים are not so happy about the parade planned for Friday.)

Have I mentioned that there are basically no 'Frogs' left in the city? Most of them have been set on fire and are now little mounds of mushy melted plastic goop with wheels. The city smells a little funky from all of the 'demonstrations' but that aside almost everything is perfect in Jerusalem.

Yes, perfection in Jerusalem...

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debsy said...

Don't get me wrong and far be it from me to criticise, its not like i'm doing anything to actively help - i don't agree with this parade either - in fact i'm strongly against it for all the obvious reasons - but don't u think chareidim demonstrating in the ways that they are is causing a bit of a chillul Hashem?? To me that doesn't seem right either! - is it any better than the parade organisers?
Hmmm just a thought