Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Barney Boxes... =)

From Traffic Light to Traffic Light...

Something must be up in the atmosphere, because strange things are happening. It isn't even like I've been walking into walls, I mean, that wouldn't be anything out of the ordinary. But I've been having the weirdest dreams and every time I pass by a payphone it starts to ring.

OK, so you could suggest staying away from payphones so as not to hear the annoyingly metallic buzz of the ringer but how do I get away from the dreams that haunt my subconscious mind?

Time at the office has been a nightmare lately. I am enjoying the full-time position, because as the name implies, I am kept busy full time. However, there are many specifics which are either overlooked or under-looked and they incessantly grate upon my nerves. In addition, I am beginning to feel that though people keep telling me to relax and that 'work' is just 'work' and it's not 'life' - that in effect, due to the fact that I spend over 1/3 of my day at the office, that 'work' has intruded upon my 'life-space' and has in effect completely taken over. I'm not bitter or anything, but I kind of miss having the ability to run hither-and-yon at the spur of the moment. Not that I did it often, but we often don't miss that which we have until it is denied us or simply taken away.

On a different note, iced coffee is not the brightest of ideas when one's hands are freezing cold. Somehow, a steaming mug of anything would seem much more sensible. But I have never been overly sensible. Following this random line of thought, I would like to pose to you a question that I have been pondering for the last few moments. What is the most correct way to eat a bagel? I mean, the order that I eat it is always dependant on my mood. Sometimes the bottom first and sometimes the top. Strange? Yes. I know.


tevie said...

only tip i can give ya is eat it before it eats you =)

debsy said...

two things - either both together - or eat the hole first! ;-)