Sunday, November 26, 2006

Do YOU Wanna Go Out With Me?

It was ever so cold this morning. Couldn't take a shower to thaw myself out cause the shower-room door is jammed shut.

Walked to work but didn't almost get hit by any busses. The office was quiet today. Probably because it was Sunday. On a side note MAZAL TOV NAOMI!!! Walked back to the Ranch and was nice and warm cause I have a wonderful new sweatshirt of my very own!!!

I really really wanted to shower, but as I mentioned in the first line of this post - the door is jammed shut. So what did we do? Well, we did what all normal people do, we went to ask our neighbors for help. Next question, why do they have such good water pressure?! Anyway, after a hot shower I sat down on their couch to wait for the Rabbi to get home. When he walked in we told him about our plight, so he grabbed a toolbox and came over.

Problem #1: Pin in doorknob on the INSIDE of the door.
Problem #2: Only entrance to the bathroom being the bathroom window.
Problem #3: Me being the only one able to do the gymnastics to get into the bathroom via the window in order to remove corroded pin from door-knob.

Solution: Throw Lori in through the window with an awl, plier, screwdriver and hammer.

Brilliant. No?



P.S. All of the window climbing and neighbor bothering was to no avail. The door won't budge.

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