Saturday, November 25, 2006

Frigid in Bed?

Friday night was quiet. Nootch was over and Robi came for the meal. After 'dessert' I got comfortable with my book. Sleep eluded me - for lack of enthusiasm or the desire to elaborate - I shall leave it at that.

Woke up at 7 and made it to shul on time. Shul was freezing cold and mind-numbingly boring so I left after maftir. Lunch was nice. Random but nice.

I think my tush is still asleep from sitting on the front porch for so long. But Avi did read Fox in Socks to me - which was delightful.

After Havdala I got a ride into Jeru with Daddy. We stopped at the Plaza to pick up Mitch and Nancy (who will be staying at Home until Wednesday afternoonish.) Freddie and Little Brother arrived and after some shmoozing and introductions the 4 young'uns headed off to town. QUICK NOTE HERE: THANK YOU LITTLE BROTHER!!!!!! Anywho, we wandered for a while and lost one to the crowd then hopped on a bus back to the Ranch. Little Brother decided to go home so Freddie and I ate our feast and now I'm not sure what to do.

Sleep maybe?

It's a thought.

BTW, I have 21 cartisiot sitting on my shelf and waiting to be origami-fied...

A broken bathroom door - and thus the week begins...

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Your partner said...

May it be a good one!!! for all of us!!!! As certain people with whom i stayed for shabbos said 'a hatzlachadika voch and one of clarity!'
I love you and thank you from the botto of my heart!!