Tuesday, November 28, 2006

A Hotdawg Wifout Lettuce...

Wow. A day has not flown by like today did in a very long time. I mean, it felt long but it just flew.

Started off at work (where else) and then I nipped out to the post office. The line was long so I waited and then I was hungry so I went to find food. On the way I found Mommy and Nancy in town. Back at the office it was quiet and busy. Crazily oxymoronic mix, but that's what it was.

Thought I'd leave early to head Home for S&S's anniversary dinner but turns out the mishpucha was coming up to The City, so I wound up staying at work late. (Twisted, huh?)

Dinner was at Norman's. Yep that makes it Norman's twice in one week and better yet, twice in two days. It was the Pollys, the Halperts, S&S and even a Preiser cause cousin Chaim showed up with Freddie.

It was good. I mean, aside from me making a fool of myself and almost falling through a wall that was not a wall TWICE and the ice-cream falling on the floor and wasting mushrooms and cheek smushing and Dibble-poking and waitresses passing out...

All in all it was actually one of the more successful family outings that I can remember. Only Avi cried, Ezri behaved, Brenda and Squiggles drank a can and 1/3 of cream soda. Must admit we missed you Eli. Really, we did. One of these days you need to come into The City and I'll take you out. :)

Harumph - I really should try to be more 'friendly' - who knows what it might get me.

Pancakes anybody?...