Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Inspire Me...

Very cold and early morning and we ran late anyway. Shosh and I שוקed and then she shlepped everything back to the Ranch and I went to work. We are trying to get some kind of order for this shabbos thing that we are doing - somehow I have a feeling that He is laughing already.

Work absolutely flew by. Shosh came and we went out to satisfy my chinese craving. Of course, by the time we got there my 'lunch' break was over but back at the office there was nothing to be done (shhh...never say that outloud in the office.) so we took over the conference room and made a meeting of it.

Walked back to the Ranch and stopped on the way to pick up some fresh fluffy rugelach from the bakery. (Because a chocolate bar wasn't nearly enough sugar to tide me over.)

Little Brother is supposed to be coming to The City tonight and hopefully he will remember to call me and then we can hang out for a bit. (Of course, I'll bring Barney. Little Brother, I think he misses you.)

One more day to the week. Where has the time gone? This week ממש flew. Absolutely crazy.

And for the record Z, the Gods adore me...

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debsy said...

don't tell me the weeks flown by!!!thats not good!!!! i haven't srated my second essay yet and besides tomorrows thursday ahhhhh!! no!!!! not ready for it to be thursday!!!!!