Thursday, November 02, 2006

"Men Are Weird..."

Rushed morning. The sky inconsiderately drizzled on my glasses so just to spite it I walked to the office anyway. Managed to do my errands on the way too.

Work was the usual yuckish. Though, I did get to go out. A super-fast Graphos (cause I can be pushy...) and far-away-post-office jaunt. And, let us not forget the taste-treats. All of them. And the iced-coffee. Bright side, the bosses are going away on Sunday - for a week. HAHAHA!!!

After work I headed back to the Ranch to pack up. Shosh surprised me and was waiting for me when I got there. So we got to spend some time together and then I packed up and headed out again.

Met up with my Sis after somehow missing each other and we headed to Kad V'chomer. It is a really great place to chill - for anyone looking for something fun to do... Anywho, we bonded over our cups and paints and brushes and stencils and my demented spider. On the bright side, we made polka dots. How much fun is that?! I can't wait till we pick up the finished products in a week! Then we made our way back to TM to catch the last busses back Home. Plenty of time to spare and dude, I am sooooo full of pizza! ew.

Who woulda thunk that the midnight bus would be sooooo crowded? Crazy, huh?

Ooooh, Daniel Bedingfield's 'Wrap My Words Around You' just came on, I'm off - gotta put it on repeat before it ends! G'nite World!

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